In order to protect the town from the maritime Turkish attacks and keep any invaders from coming ashore, the Venetians built St. Nicholas’ fortress during the 16th century. It is situated at the entrance to St. Anthony’s channel and is one of the strongest maritime fortification architecture on the Croatian Coast of the Adriatic Sea. Constructed from a sturdy blend of brick and stone, its triangular shape and 32 resident cannons made it a truly formidable form of defence.

Including the submerged part of the river at the mouth, the Krka River is 72.5 km long with its seven waterfalls and a total drop in altitude of 242 m, the Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon. The Krka National Park is a spacious, largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural value. The attractions and facilities available are various footpaths, sightseeing tours and presentations, boat trips, souvenir shops, a museum, and restaurants. There are also several archaeological remains of unpreserved fortresses in the park's vicinity dating back to as far as the Roman times.

St. Michael’s Fortress was originally built as a lookout of the Šibenik bay and the mouth of the Krka river, and as a refuge for the surrounding population. During the medieval times, the Fortress became a source point of the defence fortification system of walls and fortresses of Šibenik. It is named after the Church of St. Michael, which was located within its walls since the 12th century. The church has not been preserved, but the Fortress kept the name of the saint, who became the patron of Šibenik.

The Kornati National Park is the most indented archipelago of the Mediterranean and it includes about 140 uninhabited islands, islets and rocks. Kornati Islands are a real paradise for boaters, divers and everyone who enjoys the magnificent beauty of the untouched nature. The most popular phenomenon of the National Park are the Kornati Crowns which are probably the origin of the islands’ name (Latin corona = crown). The Crowns are the vertical white cliffs of the sides of islands facing the open sea.

The filming of three episodes of Game of Thrones, season 5, were filmed on location in Šibenik. Medieval essence of the town was selected as the backdrop along with its historic town core, ancient architecture and seaside location.

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