The Ultimate Way to Pamper Yourself

Wellness & SPA


Signature Hydrating
60 min / 627 KN / 84 EUR
Facial treatment specially designed for all skin types and deep hydration. Energy Clinic experts developed the perfect formula for preventing dehydration and restoring the original healthy condition of the skin.

Thalgo Refreshing Marine Ritual
60 min / 790 KN / 106 EUR
This treatment for sensitive skin with cold sea mask improves blood circulation and is ideal for all those who wish to calm and soften their sensitive skin. The skin’s oxygenation improves and it becomes refreshed and radiant. Sensation of intense, calming freshness.


Sports Manicure
50 min / 223 KN / 30 EUR
Fast cleaning, shaping and repairing nails, so that they can grow healthy. A natural protective coat and a singlecoloured nail varnish are applied on the nails.

Sports Pedicure
60 min / 264 KN / 35 EUR
Beautifying of toenails and feet, completed by gentle application of energizing and refreshing foot balsam. The treatment includes a singlecoloured nail varnish.


Energy Clinic Anti-Stress Body Scrub
70 min / 512 KN / 68 EUR
Body scrub treatment supplemented with a 40-minute rubbing aromatic oils of your choice in the skin for a complete renewal, freshness and beauty of your skin.


Energy Clinic Classical Massage
50 min / 372 KN / 50 EUR
Massage stimulating the body, the vascular system and the lymphatic system by combining five main movements directed towards the heart. It is an ideal massage for improving circulation, eliminating toxins, releasing tension and for deep relaxation.

Sports Massage
50 min / 421 KN / 56 EUR
Recover fast after a strenuous workout or sports activities and help your body to eliminate metabolites, toxins and lactic acid. This intensive sports massage will restore the natural balance of the body.

Energy Clinic Signature Massage
80 min / 677 KN / 90 EUR
This is the most popular form of massage for deep relaxation and with a balancing effect on the body. The treatment tones the body and has a beneficial effect on ligaments and sinews as well as blood circulation, lymph flow, and nerve tracts. After the full-body massage, you will feel supple and full of energy.

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